Prague is one of the most romantic places in the world. So, 7 million tourists visit the city every year. Combined with international conferences and special events, they fill up the hotels and apartments.

This is why we recommend you book in advance when it comes to New Year, Christmas, and summer holidays. In order to get a place, do not just come to Prague hoping to find something, because more often than not, you won’t.

Many visitors come to Prague for a short visit and end up walking too much. Sure, it may be nice to get 20,000 steps on your Health application on the phone the first day, but are you going to keep it up and still feel comfortable? On cobbled streets? Yeah, we didn’t think so, either.

Prague offers varied types of accommodation for tourists who are looking for a nice modest place, where they can stay till the party next day. And a hotel in the center is the most expensive accommodation that you can book.

So, we have some tips for searching the right place where to stay, in the center of Prague. Enjoy the phenomenal Prague’s nightlife at the Luxury apartments.
This is the place where our staff serve you as at the hotel, but will not bother you. Stay at the place where you can feel as you were home.